Doctor Assaulted With a Weapon for Refusing to Do an Abortion

Police in India investigated a physical assault of a gynecologist on Saturday after he refused to abort a woman&8217;s unborn baby.

India Daily News & Analysis reports Dr. Amol Bidkar, who runs a maternity hospital in Sangvi, India, sustained injuries on his right hand from the attack Saturday at his clinic.

Police said the attacker allegedly was a man who came to Bidkar two weeks ago with his pregnant, live-in partner. Bidkar told police that when he examined the woman, he saw that she was five months pregnant, past the legal abortion limit, and refused to abort her unborn baby.

Police said the man used a sharp weapon to attack Bidkar around 9:30 p.m. Saturday at the maternity hospital. The police did not say if they have the man in custody.

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Abortions are illegal after 20 weeks in India.

The violence of abortion against unborn babies often is connected to violence against other human beings, too. Pregnant women are abused and sometimes even killed by abusive partners who wanted them to abort their unborn babies. Pro-life advocates also face threats and violence for trying to save unborn babies and moms from abortion.

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