Doodle Art: Here Are 8 Important Reasons Why Kids Need to Doodle

by Sharlene Habermeyer

Inside: Do you associate your kids’ doodles with creativity, health & wellness, positive thinking, a memory-builder and more? Doodle art is actually a powerful art form that helps kids and teens think, focus and relax. Check out these 8 reasons you want your kids to doodle.

Doodle Art

Did your mother ever tell you to “stop dawdling?”  When I was growing up, doodling and dawdling, (according to my mother) were wasteful activities that had no value. After calling me to task, she would add, “and get busy and do something useful!”

Well, it seems that doodling IS doing something useful—and science says so! Plus it’s a healthy thing to do!

You would think scientific minds would have something more important to study than the art of doodling, but not so. Even the great scientific minds find doodling worth investigating. What have they discovered? Answer: It’s an amazing hobby to not only build the brain but keep you and your kids healthy, happy and energetic!

Doodle art of a colorful cat

There are many benefits for the child that doodles.

Parents: Here are 8 tips worth discovering about doodling that will motivate you to encourage your kids and teens to take up doodle art…

Reason #1: Doodle Art is More than an Art Form

Doodling is an important way for people, kids, teens and whole families to:

  • Relax
  • Stay focused
  • Grasp new concepts
  • Retain information
  • Think amazing creative thoughts
  • Achieve more health because it’s a way to relax

Yes, doodling does all that…and more. So, parents—plan a date night with your kids and doodle away the evening!

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Our son Brandon always loved to doodle. I gave him cardstock paper and a few sharpies and he was off and running. When I asked him how these drawing helped him, he said that they were a form of relaxation; they helped him to focus and concentrate better on homework, and surprisingly they helped him memorize information. He felt that doing these doodles before homework helped him to do his homework better.

Reason #2 Doodle Art: Doodling Is A Thinking Tool for Kids & Teens and Improves Memory

Those little spontaneous, random marks on the page appear to be more meaningful than originally thought.

“They are a thinking tool,” states Sunni Brown, author of The Doodle Revolution. According to Brown, doodling can affect how we process information and solve problems.

Doodling can:

  • relieve tension
  • take random thoughts and solidifies them into a purposeful whole
  • doodling is a way of expressing creative energy
  • it allows the pondering new frontiers of thought

Clearly, it’s a powerful way for preteens and teens to think.

Scientists have also found that doodling actually improves memory. When people were encouraged to doodle while listening to a list of people’s names being read, they were able to remember 29 percent more of the information on a surprise quiz later on.

Whatever the reasons for doodling, it is fast becoming a respectable pastime. (I need to tell my mother!)

Reason #3 Doodle Art: Doodling Builds the Imagination & Non-Cognitive Skills

A virtual boot camp, called “The School of Doodle,” has sprung up online and is a platform for the imagination to bloom. Backed by Yoko Ono, Sarah Silverman and Arianna Huffington this website’s focus is to create a place for teen girls to develop their imaginations and learn about creating opportunities for themselves.

Still, in the development process, the website will offer free creative lessons, a chance to earn “doodle dollars,” behind-the-scenes “field trip” videos to movie sets and recording studios, as well as first-person accounts from women about their industries and career paths.

The goal: encourage the development of non-cognitive skills! (that means non-thinking skills which open the door to amazing spontaneous creativity)

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Doodle art can combine different methods and techniques. This one is using a black sharpie. They are best known as “zentangles” or lines and circles that repeat in patterns. It’s a relaxing way to focus, think, concentrate and memorize.

Reason #4 Doodle Art: Doodling & Tangling Helps Kids Relax

If you didn’t read my blog on tangling and Zentangles check it out here. This doodling art form is the focus of the book, Totally Tangled by Sandy Steen Bartholomew. Supported by thousands of faithful followers, the basis of this kind of doodling is that even if you are not an artist, you can still “tangle.”

Your creations are called, “zentangles and all you need to create these multi-patterned little doodles is a black sharpie pen, white paper, and some imagination.

Usually “zentangles” are black and white, with some gray shading, but color can be added. The idea behind tangling? Much like doodling, the focus is to unwind, be creative, have fun and think things you’ve never thought possible!

Reason #5 Doodle Art: Doodling Improves Kids Health

Did you know that health and wellness is now a trend and interest in this subject have increased by 1700%? Huge! People everywhere are looking to become healthier and engage in activities that will achieve that goal. They also want their kids to be healthy and doodling just may be something that can help.

It’s been discovered that as your child doodles, she actually improves her heart rate and it will help her to relax.

Bring out the paper, crayons, and pens—it’s time to doodle your way back to health!

For some teens, doodling is a form of meditation. Meditation helps our mind, body, and emotions. It helps us to come in tune with who we are and helps us to come into harmony with our deepest self.

In many ways, doodling is the same. Whenever we put pen to page, magical self-awareness can happen. Just like meditation improves blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, digestive patterns and muscle function, so does doodling. That is why doodling is being considered more and more “essential art.”

Set aside time each day to meditate and doodle with your kids.  The result—improved health, wellness, and emotional well-being for the whole family!

Colorful doodle art

Doodle art can actually improve a child’s health. It’s a form of meditation and allows the immune system to increase thus helping the child stay healthy and well. Doodling is also a way of releasing negative energy and emotions that hold a child back and can cause illness.

Reason #6 Doodle Art: Mind-Mapping Is A Brain-Aerobic Form of Doodling

By the way, doodling is not some new art form—many great artists, scientists and musicians have doodled their way through history.

For instance, the master doodler was an artist, engineer, scientist, etc., Leonardo da Vinci. And even maestro musical composer Ludwig Van Beethoven did his share of doodling, along with scientist and creative genius, Albert Einstein.

Others include artist Pablo Picasso, scientist Sir Isaac Newton, inventor Thomas Edison, explorer Christopher Columbus, and writer and author Mark Twain.

However, their “doodles” have a more cerebral name: mind-mapping or radiant thinking (because you are thinking and doodling in circles). And I have a whole blog on how to teach you and your kids the art of mind-mapping!

Tony Buzan, the author of The Mind Map Book, discusses how mind-mapping is a form of doodling using pictures, symbols or images.

Mind mapping can:

  • improve memory
  • strengthen concentration
  • spur creative thinking
  • accelerates the ability to learn, remember and record information

Classes have sprung up all over the world helping people to understand this fun and interesting way to map, doodle, learn and create.

Many famous and not-so-famous people have used this sophisticated form of doodling to create masterpieces or at the very least, let their minds wander to new heights.

For instance…

Benjamin Zander, Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, created a mind map to help him conduct Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.

If you are not familiar with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9—think, “Ode to Joy.”  It was Beethoven’s last symphony and he wrote it when he was totally deaf.

Zander’s mind map is a wonderful doodle/inner expression of this great musical masterpiece. He created a startlingly new approach to conduct the famous symphony and was the result of his years of study and internal mind mapping.

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Obviously, this is NOT Zander’s mind-map of Beethoven’s Symphony. But, it gives you an idea of how mind-mapping and doodling are closely related and in many instances produces the same result of focused thinking, problem-solving and memorization

Reason #7 Doodle Art: Doodling and Music Increase Creativity & Inspiration

If you want to take your experience to a new level—turn on a music CD while doodling, tangling or mind mapping. Consider Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart, or if you want someone a little more edgy, try Stravinsky.

You can check out the 50-page Resource section of my book, Good Music Brighter Children for ideas of specific pieces of music to play from the great classical composers that will take your doodles and mapping to new heights. Or just use the suggestions below…

Music Suggestions while Doodling

By the way, whenever I need to be inspired, relaxed or feel my creative juices pumping—I play Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in D. It’s a family favorite! Try listening to it while doodling. Start with the 3rd movement.

Reason #8 Doodle Art: Doodle as a Family to Solve Problems

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Make doodling an important activity in your home and with your kids. Watch their thinking, problem-solving and immune systems soar. It’s fun and so much better than playing mindless video games! (and more colorful)

Start a tradition of doodling in your home. Begin by thinking up a problem or concern your family is facing. Hold a family council; present the problem. Pass out paper, pencils, pens, markers and ask everyone to doodle their way to a creative solution.

Since doodling is a problem-solving, thinking tool, the solutions your kids come up with will more than likely be spontaneous creative solutions that no one has ever thought of!

And for good measure, play inspiring music in the background—let your kids choose (as painful as that may be…) And, btw: by adding music when doodling you are bound to solve the problems of the world—or at the very least—your own!

Doodle Art: Books for Kids & Parents on Doodling, Tangling & More

Check out these books about doodling on Amazon. They will give your children lots of inspiration regarding the art of doodling! Start doodling with your kids–you’ll find that the time spent on doodling will positively transfer to other areas of their lives; will increase their creativity and imagination and will keep them healthy and well!

What are your experiences with Doodling? Have you or your kids ever engaged in the fun art of doodling? What have you noticed with your kids when they doodle? Please share your comments in the section below!

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