In my “Year One” article, I graded President Donald J. Trump each month on how faithfully he was keeping his “Campaign Promises” which he had made to Holy Bible believers. I focused on what I believe are his 7 most important promises. In Year Two, I will grade him by the same criteria. The seven pledges which he will again be graded on for either keeping or breaking are –
* Move Israel’s U.S. Embassy to their Capital, JERUSALEM * Appoint Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Gay Marriage and Roe V. Wade * Defend the “Religious Freedom” and Conscience of Christians * DEFUND Abortion Wing of Planned Parenthood/Make Hyde Amendment PERMANENT * Tear up the extremely BAD DEAL With Iran * Halt Islamic Immigration from ALL Nations that breed Islamic Terrorism * “Bomb the hell out of” and DESTROY ISIS
The President’s monthly grades are dependent on his action or inaction concerning these 7 promises. Thanks be to God that President Trump ended 2017 with his BEST grade the year, but he had still only earned a C+ or the past year overall. That was primarily because of 11 straight months of poor grades concerning his promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to their God-given Eternal Capital of JERUSALEM. For the majority of 2017, I consistently gave the President an “F” grade in regard to the promise. I was sadly becoming resigned to the belief that he was reneging on the Campaign pledge. Yet, thanks to much prayer by believers across this Country, on December 6th the POTUS finally made good on his most important promise! In a televised speech to the nation and world, Trump publicly recognized the Holy City JERUSALEM for what it is – the Eternal God-given Capital of Israel. He then announced that he would be keeping his promise to move the U.S. Embassy there. HalleluYah! Let us pray that the extremely positive ending to 2017 will carry over into this year and the rest of Donald Trump’s Presidency. If you read my many past articles about President Trump, you will find I was very critical of him from the start, but I never hated him or held a personal bias against him. I only wanted him to do well, and that is why when he did something wrong I criticized him for it. After his Jerusalem announcement, I will admit that I now support the President more than I oppose him. Lord willing he will continue to give me reasons to do so in the future. Still, Biblical Signs ITH is not a politically-biased website. I hold all politicians accountable, regardless of political party or affiliation. If they do wrong according to God’s Word, then I will call them on it. I did so with Barack Hussein Obama for 8 long years. My motto has always been that my only bias is BIBLICAL, and that will never change. I believe that my previous Grading the Presidency article proved that I will criticize the President when he is in error, but will also give him credit where credit is due. Hopefully, I will be giving a lot more credit and a lot less criticism in 2018. He definitely ended the past year strong, and I hope and pray that will carry over into this year. Please join me in praying that 2018 will be the year that Trump makes good on his other promises, especially DEFUNDING Planned Parenthood, OVERTURNING Gay Marriage and Roe V. Wade, and tearing up the horrible Iran Nuclear Deal. As of the publication of this article, January is pretty much in the books. So, I begin Year Two of “Grading the Presidency”: 2018 JANUARY Move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to JERUSALEM: Continuing to give heed to the Holy Spirit of God and Godly advisers, regarding Israel, President Trump will transfer the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem in 2019. This was announced by Vice President Mike Pence in a speech to the Israeli Parliament. He said, “In the weeks ahead our administration will advance its plan to open the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, and that United States Embassy will open before the end of next year.” In a statement by the President himself on the matter, deserving of applause, Trump said “We took Jerusalem OFF THE TABLE so we don’t have to talk about it anymore in any future Peace negotiations.” In a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanYahu in Davos, Switzerland, Trump said “What I did with Jerusalem was my honor.” AMEN! Thank you mr. President. The only reason that the President does not garner an A+ for this promise is because I will give that grade when the Embassy is officially in Jerusalem next year. GRADE – A Appoint “Conservative” Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Gay Marriage & Roe V. Wade: While the SCOTUS was quiet in January, with no significant rulings regarding Religious Freedom of believers, the Masterpiece CakeShop Case decision could be coming soon. Lord willing, Gorsuch will side with Christian baker, Jack Phillips, and thus prove that Trump kept another promise. In the meantime, Newsweek reported this month that the past year was probably the most consequential in modern history for the appointment of Conservative judges to the federal courts by President Trump. A historic number of judges appointed will shape the law for two generations. Though I’m not quite sure as to whether or not Gorsuch will be the Conservative Judge that Christians were hoping for when electing Trump, the President will get a good grade this month for his efforts to keep this promise thusfar. GRADE – B Defend “Religious Freedom” and Conscience of Christians: This month, the Trump administration announced a new Federal Office to protect faith-based medical providers refusing to participate in abortion, assisted suicide, or other procedures on moral or religious grounds. The “Religious and Conscience Division” will be part of the Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights, which enforces federal anti-discrimination and privacy laws. Also, on “Religious Freedom Day”, President Trump said in a proclamation that “Government shouldn’t force Americans to choose between the tenets of their faith and adherence to the law, whether they are a nun, nurse, baker or business owner.” “Unfortunately, not all have recognized the importance of religious freedom, whether by threatening tax consequences for particular forms of religious speech, or forcing people to comply with laws that violate their core religious beliefs without sufficient justification. These incursions, little by little, can destroy the fundamental freedom underlying our democracy,” the President said. GRADE – A DEFUND Abortion Wing of Planned Parenthood/Make Hyde Amendment PERMANENT: President Trump has not yet defunded the abortion giant, nor made the Hyde Amendment permanent. In his defense, he cannot do it on his own to my knowledge. I believe that he needs the Congress to approve such measures. The Republican majority House and Senate have yet to make good on these promises which they have been making FOR YEARS, and which they now finally have the power to deliver on. Let’s pray that they get off their butts and do their job before the 2018 midterms, when they could possibly lose their opportunity to keep these promises made by the President. There was some good news this month though, regarding defunding Planned Parenthood. The Trump administration announced that they were revoking legal guidance issued by the Obama Administration that sought to discourage states from attempting to defund organizations that provide abortion services, specifically Planned Parenthood. In another piece of encouraging news, concerning the President’s strong “Pro-Life” stance, Trump became the first sitting President to address the “March For Life” this month. The annual event, held since 1974 in Washington, protests the abominable 1973 “Roe v. Wade” decision. GRADE – B- Tear up the Iran Nuclear Deal: This month, the President warned that he would not waive US sanctions on Iran again unless the Nuclear Deal was “fixed”. Trump, in a White House statement, announced that he would waive US-nuclear related sanctions on Iran one last time. He then delivered an ultimatum to the U.S. Congress and the Europeans to either address flaws in the accord, and toughen policies on Iran, or he would EXIT the Deal. The President said, “If other nations fail to act during this time, I will TERMINATE our Deal with Iran.” Lord willing mr. President! TEAR IT UP. GRADE – C Halt Islamic Immigration from Nations breeding Islamic Terrorism: Earlier this month, the Supreme Court announced that it would hear a challenge to the third version of Trump’s Travel Ban. A watered-down version of the Ban went into effect in June, but expired in October. In a great piece of news, President Trump dropped the refugee admissions quota from 110,000 to 45,000 for the 2018 fiscal year, an all-time low for the United States’ refugee resettlement program. In a statement, “World Relief” Refugee Agency said that “less than 30,000 refugees had been admitted to the United States in 2017, compared to over 99,000 in 2016.” About 80% fewer Islamic refugees were admitted than under Barack Obama. I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot safer in this nation under President Trump than I ever did under Barack Hussein. GRADE – A “Bomb the hell out of” and DESTROY ISIS: One thing’s for sure, that the President kept his promise to “bomb the hell out of” ISIS in 2017. While the Islamic terror group has not yet been destroyed, it was announced this month that U.S.-backed coalition forces in Iraq and Syria have won back almost 100% of territories once occupied by the ISIS. I, for one, haven’t heard about ISIS in the news as much as I did under the previous president, so I don’t think anyone can argue that what Trump is doing isn’t working. He can’t get an A+ until ISIS is destroyed, but he definitely earns an A for this promise. GRADE – A
“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving, be made for kings and for all those in authority; that we may live quiet and peaceful lives in all Godliness and honesty.” ~ 1st Timothy 2:1-2
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Patricia is the founder and editor of Little Bytes News, a former elementary teacher, radio talk show host, political activist and political blogger. In 2012, Patricia was nominated one of “Circle of Moms” top 25 political bloggers.

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