House GOP seeks to impeach secretary of state

Sounds like an investigation is necessary in , but if it’s not illegal to commission notaries to illegal immigrants it should be. For one, they’re already here illegally why should we reward illegals with the privilege of becoming notaries? This could lead to additional fraud and other crimes by illegal immigrants.

Just hours after enacting a budget that slashes the budgets of Gov. Roy Cooper and Attorney Josh Stein, both Democrats, a key House committee signed off on a resolution to begin the impeachment process against Democratic Secretary of State Elaine Marshall.


“Impeachment is a process. The first step will be a formal investigation of the matter” by a House select committee, sponsor Rep. Chris Millis, R-Pender, said.

Millis claimed he has “clear evidence of malfeasance” by Marshall involving “hundreds of unqualified aliens being illegally granted the public benefit of a notary commission.”

He also accused her of “false and misleading statements” and “clandestine and secretive improper acceptance of other forms of documentation” for notary applications.

 “My office has never commissioned a notary public on the basis of a DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] card,” she said in a statement. “We have openly communicated with the General Assembly about our process. We have always told the General Assembly that, if they want to change the notary law, we will administer such changes. Not one single change has been sent to us to administer in this area.

 “The public should continue to have full confidence in the integrity of the more than 144,000 notaries public in North Carolina. Every single non-citizen we have commissioned as a notary public has presented appropriate federally -issued work authorization documentation to qualify as a notary,” Marshall said. “I can only conclude that this is a political attack and nothing else.”

Millis’ accusations against Marshall go back to February, when he launched his own investigation after, as he explained it, he “came across an article” that suggested Marshall may have commissioned illegal immigrants as notaries public, which he said would violate state and federal law.

In March, Millis held a press conference calling for Marshall’s resignation, claiming to have evidence that 320 non-citizens were licensed as notaries by Marshall’s agency. That press conference was attended by Michael LaPaglia, the Republican rival defeated by Marshall in the November 2016 election. During the campaign, LaPaglia made similar accusations against Marshall.


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