Leaked emails show Stormy Daniels arrest was PLANNED by Ohio cops

Officer Shana Keckley

Officer Shana Keckley (above) appeared to be planning for Daniels’ performance in Ohio

Newly leaked emails suggest that Stormy Daniels’ arrest in an Ohio strip club was pre-planned before she arrived in town.

The internal emails from arresting officer Shana Keckley, published by the Fayette Advocate, show Keckly sent herself photos of Daniels and information about the venue days before the July 12 arrest.

Police originally said that the arrest, on charges that were quickly dropped by prosecutors, was just happenstance when investigators working on a sex trafficking sting noticed Daniels illegally touching customers.

However, Keckley appeared to have a keen interest in Daniels before the arrest.

On July 10, the vice detective emailed a link to a Vice News video report about Daniels from what appears to be her personal account to her work address.

The emailed link was quickly followed by another, to an announcement that Daniels would be performing at Sirens strip club in Columbus on July 11 and 12.

Stormy Daniels

Daniels (seen in March) was slated to perform at Sirens strip club in Columbus on July 11 and 12. Keckley emailed herself a link to details about the shows, photos of Daniels, and a map


Daniels is seen being taken into custody in the early hours of July 12 at Sirens strip club

Daniels is seen being taken into custody in the early hours of July 12 at Sirens strip club

Yet another email contained a picture of Daniels and Donald Trump posing together and a map to the strip club.

The emails were all sent between 10.56pm and 11.09pm on July 10.

The next email in the leaks follows at 3.47am on July 12, shortly after Daniels was arrested.

‘Sirs, Ma’am/ Attached are the complaints from our arrest at Sirens,’ the email states.

A few minutes later Keckley appears to respond to a compliment on the collar from a lieutenant.

The email reads: ‘LT/ You’re Welcome!!!!!/ I work Vice now !! :D/ It was Me, Rosser, Lancaster, and Praiter/ Please Please Don’t post my name on FaceBook!!/ 😀 Thank me in person later.’

At 4.05am she emails another Columbus Police Department employee, Shane Keckley, who is believed to be her husband.

paddy wagon

Daniels is seen in the paddy wagon after she was arrested on three counts of Illegal Sexually Oriented Activity in a Sexually Oriented Business. The charges were dropped hours later

Shana Keckly writes: ‘It is all over CNN. I wanted you to know before everyone contacts you … I, Susan, and Lancaster got elements and arrested Stormy Daniels this morning she is in jail.’


Daniels is seen in a mugshot from the arrest

‘Elements’ refers to the evidence of a crime needed to bring charges.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Cliffords, was arrested after Keckly and other officers said she had ‘smacked’ three undercover police officers with her bare breasts and forcing their faces between her cleavage, as well as fondling the officers’ breasts.

The porn star Daniels was charged with three counts of Illegal Sexually Oriented Activity in a Sexually Oriented Business.

Her attorney Michael Avenatti immediately claimed that the arrest was a politically motivated setup in retailation for Daniels’ claims against President Trump.

Daniels claims that she slept with Trump in 2006, and that she was paid off through his lawyer Michael Cohen to keep quiet about it during the election.

stomach tattoos

Daniels shows officers her hands as she is processed after her arrest

The newly leaked emails raise questions about the officers’ motivations in the case

Hours after the arrest on July 12, charges against Daniels were dropped.

While it is illegal for performers or employees in businesses across Ohio to touch patrons, even if they are strippers, Daniels was let off the hook because she is not a regular performer at the club.

‘While the presence of Vice officers at this establishment is reasonable, the motivations behind the officers’ actions will be reviewed internally,’ Chief of police Kim Jacobs said in a statement, adding that the arrest was a ‘mistake’.

On Wednesday, Avenatti seized upon the publication of the leaked emails to proclaim he’d been right all along about a set-up.

‘This is extremely disturbing. I intend on getting to truth and the bottom of who ordered @StormyDaniels arrested and why. It appears that I was correct when I stated it was politically motivated,’ Avenatti tweeted.


Source: Leaked emails show Stormy Daniels arrest was PLANNED by Ohio cops

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