Miami pedestrian bridge over highway collapses near university, cars trapped underneath

Thankfully students are on Spring Break so maybe not as many injured, but there was still quite a bit of highway traffic below.

A newly installed 950-ton pedestrian bridge serving Miami’s Florida International University collapsed Thursday, crushing at least seven vehicles on a busy, multi-lane highway below and injuring multiple people.

Live TV reports showed several people loaded onto ambulances immediately after the collapse. The Miami-Dade Fire Department tweeted that multiple people were injured. “We working on confirming numbers,” it added.

Rescue teams were trying to reach anyone trapped beneath the flattened concrete.

The man part of the $14.2 million structure, which was only installed on Saturday, spanned 174 feet. It was built to provide access to the university over a seven-lane highway to newer dorms and off-campus housing.

FIU issued a statement said it was “shocked and saddened about the tragic events.” The school is currently on spring break.

Source: Newsbreak

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