JEFFREY EPSTEIN ARRESTED- Arrived on private plane from Paris- Arrested at Teterboro Airport- Charged with sex trafficking- Dozens of alleged victims- Case remains under seal- Epstein is well-known for his links to politicians, businessmen


According to BNO News on Twitter, along with several other news outlets Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested once again over the weekend.


JEFFREY EPSTEIN ARRESTED - Arrived on private plane from Paris - Arrested at Teterboro Airport - Charged with sex trafficking - Dozens of alleged victims - Case remains under seal - Epstein is well-known for his links to politicians, businessmen

Many are speculating whether his victims will finally receive justice since he was previously charged with sex with minors but was only given 13 months in jail by former prosecutor and current Trump Cabinet member Alexander Acosta. Epstein pleaded guilty to lesser state charges of soliciting prostitution, served 13 months in a county lockup, registered as a sex offender and was allowed out of the Palm Beach County Stockade six days a week to work out of his office.

According to independent blogger and Trump supporter, Mike Cernovic, he helped open the case against Jeffrey Epstein up again. Below is a recent thread he posted on Twitter:
A few thoughts on the Epstein news. 1. In real time, "reporters" who know better are trying to write me out of the story. This is dishonest. I filed the lawsuit, which got almost no media coverage other than this article.
3. The Miami Herald and @jkbjournalist did incredible litigation especially as I ran out of money for the case, and their reporting was spectacular. a. It's quite possible to say she rocked it. b. It not truthful to pretend I didn't sue to break open this case and raised hell.
7. I've broken major stories - even one of which would be a career highlight for a "professional reporter"including: - John Conyers sexual harassment settlement, which he resigned after I uncovered it. - Susan Rice unmasking story - Jeff Epstein And we're going to keep going.
8. I don't have huge donors or anything, these efforts are all crowd-funded. You can help us break huge stories like Epstein with Bitcoin. Wallet address here: 16a3asUjJw3HxZpDU9x6VSkvYPC3ag3daW
9. You can send Zcash here: t1aXBEnaxnqYGxBNVjnTYjSMnaQXGj7FnM1
11. To make it happen in life, you must work on yourself first. Over 1,100 reviews, Gorilla Mindset is objectively a classic book that has aged well, both in its actual content and the fact that you watched me live in multiple areas. Read it here:
12. A lot of people doubted me, nit-picked me, asked why I moved away from certain people and other gossip. Going forward in the future, keep that to yourself. My approach isn't day-to-day stuff. It's putting up huge wins on the board.
13. It's revolting that people are trying to politicize the Epstein case. Verified Twitter ignored story until they found a Trump angle, via Acosta. When Acosta went before the Senate, the media didn't cover it much and Democrats hardly "grilled him."
However, while Cernovich has reported his side of the story and his involvement in the case, there is much more to this story than meets the eye. Twitter users broke out with many theories, additional articles and conclusions this weekend that could lead to indictments of other rich and famous politicians, businessmen and others, including President Donald Trump, former President Bill Clinton, and attorney Alan Dershowitz, a vocal defender of Trump on Fox News among others.
Here are some of the tweets and theories, as well as other media reports pertaining to this case:
While many believe Trump is linked to Epstein and underage sex trafficking, this thread by Twitter user and self-acclaimed author, Greg Olear lays out a long trail of links to Trump in his thread beginning with this tweet: Additionally, Debra aka @scottygirl2014, describes herself as a financial fraud investigator shares the following thread beginning with this tweet:   For the latest updates on this story follow the hashtag #JeffreyEpsteinArrest and check out Amee Vanderpool's latest report regarding today's arraignment later today:
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