University of Arizona Graduate Christiana Duarte Becomes 60th Victim Killed During Las Vegas Shooting

A University of Arizona graduate missing after the Las Vegas massacre Sunday night has reportedly passed away, multiple reports say. 

ABC News confirmed Christiana Duarte’s death Tuesday. 

Duarte recently graduated from the University of Arizona and was at the country music festival with a friend. 

Christiana worked as a fan services associate for the LA Kings, who tweeted a picture of her when she was announced missing yesterday.

In the latest news reports, police still haven’t been able to find a motive for the attack, but the shooter recently transferred $100,000 to the Philippines where his girlfriend, roommate, and a person of interest, is from.  Yesterday police reported Marilou Danley was in Japan, but today they said she’s in the Philippines and expected to arrive back in the United States tomorrow. Danley is once again a person of interest after conflicting reports yesterday stated that she was no longer a person of interest and that she was in Tokyo.   

Additionally, according to Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo, the shooter also set up cameras in the hall and inside the room to watch for anyone coming in. Sadly, three of the deceased victims have still been unidentified.

Meanwhile, the family of the shooter, Stephen Paddock, has no idea what would have caused his brother to obtain all those weapons and kill 60 people and injure over 500 others. They say he was a wealthy man, a retired accountant who got rich in real estate and liked to gamble. His brother, Eric Paddock of Florida, also says if it wasn’t for Stephen he would not have been able to retire already and live comfortably. He said his brother was more like a father figure to him, then their own dad who was once on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list.

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