Part VI: Video-Researching Potentially Fake Facebook Profiles

This is the sixth article in our series on fake news. See our previous articles herehereherehere and here for more information.

by Felicia Cravens

Part VI Fake Facebook Profiles

Last week I introduced you to the Stalk Scan tool and gave you nine profiles to check out to determine which ones were fake. If you did the exercise, how many did you think were fake?

Actually, ALL the profiles in that exercise were fake. Some were even deleted by Facebook before the article published. Still, some of them are still active and have been for a while. We’ll take a look at three of them, and use Stalk Scan to find the clues that tell us these profiles are big fat phonies.

First up,

Graves Howell Joy:

By the time we’re through rummaging around Joy’s profile, it’s pretty clear that she’s absolutely a fake profile, a Macedonian of Kosovan troll account that’s set up to target Americans.

Now let’s take a look at

Emily Joseph:

Emily took a little bit more digging into, but she also appears to be completely fake, this time targeting Americans from Pakistan. We actually learned who this profile used to belong to when searching on this one.

And finally, let’s dig into

Olivia James:

Between Bill and Olivia, we can see how sometimes the patterns of their posts can give fake profiles away. Still, we were able to learn who the Olivia profile used to belong to – Shamsul Amin.

If you need more practice, here are some more fake profiles you can work on. See if you can figure out where these profiles come from, and next week I’ll give you the answers.

Margaret Yinger

Eugene Patsurkovsky

Grace Watson

Kilby Mirela

John David

James Bliar


About Felicia:

Felicia started the Unfakery Facebook page in 2017 to help conservatives learn how to avoid fakery that was targeted at them. As a twenty-year veteran of Texas Republican politics and conservative activism, she feels her credentials might help reach people on the right where other sources might be dismissed.  Follow Felicia on Twitter @somethingfishie
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