SNEAK PEEK: Exclusive Preview of My Coming Book “The Signs of Our Times”


In my previous article, I shared many details about my coming book, “THE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES: 12 Biblical Reasons Why This Could Be The Generation of The Rapture.” I’m excited to bring you all even more news about the book, including an exclusive sneak peek, and its projected time of release.

Due to the Lord inspiring me to devote all of my free time to writing the book, I should have it completed and published much sooner than I had first expected. I’m hoping for a release date in the first week of July, 2018. This is not set in stone, but I should have the book available for purchase sometime next month.

The book is written, and I’m currently in the editing stage. So, once I feel that the book is as good as it can possibly be, it will be made available to all of you. To show my appreciation for those of you who frequent this website, and who have faithfully supported me and Biblical Signs In The Headlines, I’d like to give you a SNEAK PEEK into my coming book.

These preview pages are not the final product, so there me a few minor changes made during the proofreading process; but I wanted to give you all a little taste of the book that I’m extremely excited to put in your hands. As a thank you from me to all of you faithful followers of Biblical Signs ITH, here is an exclusive look at the first 3 pages of Chapter One

There are 11 1/2 more Chapters where that came from. I believe this book will inspire a strong belief inside of believers, and even unbelievers, that we could truly be THE Generation which will witness the RETURN of the Lord Jesus Christ. So keep looking up friends, and follow this website, and Biblical Signs ITH on social media, for more news on the official release date. It’s COMING SOON!!!

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Patricia is the founder and editor of Little Bytes News, a former elementary teacher, radio talk show host, political activist and political blogger. In 2012, Patricia was nominated one of “Circle of Moms” top 25 political bloggers.

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