Net Neutrality Explained

Instead of identifying barriers to market entry and access it was creating barriers to market entry and access. The costs of the Net Neutrality set up that his administration created was so burdensome that many companies literally stopped growing at all. They would not accept new customer regions, they would not improve their hardware, they had no chance to really profit from the hardware or ISP levels.

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Trump FCC advisors proposal to bring free Internet to poor people requires lifting net neutrality

Trump advisor says net neutrality hinderes free data services for the poor.
FCC leadership now fully supports zero-rating, the practice in which ISPs exempt some websites and online services from data caps, often in exchange for payment from the websites. Zero-rating is controversial in the US and abroad, with many consumer advocates and regulators saying it violates the net neutrality principle that all online content should be treated equally by network providers.

But some zero-rating proponents believe it can serve a noble purpose—bringing Internet access to poor people who otherwise would not be online. That’s the view of Roslyn Layton, who served on Trump’s FCC transition team, does telecom research at Aalborg University in Denmark, and works as a visiting fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

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The FCC is tearing down Net Neutrality, But Should It?

Like many of you, I’ve been trying to research and decide what the pros and cons to net neutrality are. From what I’ve read there are more con’s than pros. Don’t let the name fool you. Consider the fact that when a government agency has more power to control and regulate the more chance it will not benefit consumers. Some think we need net neutrality to keep the Internet free and open, but it always has been. It’s government agencies and regulations like net neutrality that could lead to censorship and higher costs for consumers. Net neutrality has already put limits on expansion and innovation of better fiber optics in consumers homes.

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