Teen Entrepreneur Runs Sneaker Business Out of Family’s Virginia Home

This Arlington high schooler runs a designer shoe out of his house. (The red ones are Louboutins) Story on @nbcwashington at 5 pic.twitter.com/9fNFx9oLfR
— Aimee Cho (@AimeeCho4) July 3, 2017

Gautam Malik runs Kickz Malik out of his family’s house in Arlington, Virginia. He’s a middleman for “sneakerheads,” buying low and selling high to stores.

The rising senior is only 17 now, but he already has been selling sneakers for five years. He said he made his first sales when he was 12 — first to friends and then online. The work keeps him busy.

“I like to get stuff from here to the store in a day or two. Just keep going around, trying to get another pair of shoes, trying to make an easy flip, doing whatever I can,” he said, surrounded by shoe boxes.

A lot of his classmates have internships for the summer. Malik hired his own intern. Anu Ganbold, who will be a college freshman in the fall, spends hours with Malik every day packing shoes and making sure they’re the real deal.


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