Video:”WaPo: North Korea has missile-ready nuclear warhead” 

NPT Nuclear Weapon States (China, France, Russ...
NPT Nuclear Weapon States (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, US) Non-NPT Nuclear Weapon States (India, Israel, , Pakistan) States accused of having nuclear weapons programs (Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia) States formerly possessing nuclear weapons program (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the latest threats from North Korea and ‘s response, the possibility of war is becoming more concerning. Recent intel reports say that North Korea has a nuclear weapon that fits on a missile that could reach the . After Trump warned North Korea early Tuesday that the USA would use “fire and fury” against North Korea if Kim Jung continued his threats. Hours later Kim Jung told North Korean media they were prepared to attack if the USA continued its provocations.

A response from the Trump administration hasn’t been made as of this posting, but it looks like Trump has drawn a red line and North Korea has already crossed it by threatening to attack military bases in Guam. Will Trump fulfill his threat or will North Korea and the USA continue the same rhetoric and threats that have kept the nation’s divided? 

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